Connected Travel

Amadeus is a global leader in travel and technology, with a diverse and experienced team in 190+ countries. It offers innovative solutions for the travel and hospitality industry, connecting travelers, providers and partners.

Custom Development
Resource Management
ERP integration
Data Automation
Tourism & Travel
Company size
Enterprise (19,000+ Employees)
Madrid, Spain
Use Case
Data Integration & Analytics
Amadeus, a leading travel technology company, faced challenges with data extraction from various travel partners like Ctrip, limiting their service capabilities. The data obtained from these sources was limited, inconsistent, and inaccurate, impeding their ability to deliver reliable service and affecting customer loyalty and revenue.
more accurate and consistent data
more business insight created for travel agencies
increase in customer acquisition
Limited data extraction capabilities.
Inconsistent data across platforms.
Inaccurate pricing information.
Dependency on third-party APIs.
Need for low latency in data processing.
Requirement for scalable data solutions.

To navigate its challenges, Amadeus partnered with Keross and implemented the Ikon platform, a robust solution designed to scrape and consolidate data from multiple sources without relying on third-party APIs. This integration enabled the automation of half a billion transactions monthly, significantly improving data accuracy and consistency. The platform's innovative approach used RPA/RDA methodologies, ensuring low latency and scalability.  Amadeus transformed its data handling capabilities, fostering enhanced analytics that led to the creation of actionable business insights and improved operational strategies for travel agencies. The new system empowered Amadeus to deliver superior service by providing reliable and enriched data, driving better customer experiences.

Automated data collection with Ikon.
Consolidated data from various sources.
Enabled statistical and behavioral analytics.
Improved service levels and business continuity.
Amadeus faced a significant challenge with data automation, which Keross addressed effectively, delivering a robust solution in just six weeks. Their work led to an 80% improvement in data accuracy and quintupled the business insights for travel agencies, contributing to a 12% increase in customer acquisition.

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Connected Travel

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