About The Platform

Introducing the Ikon Orchestration Platform

Ikon is the orchestration platform that powers every Keross partnership. It is designed to connect all systems, data, people and processes to deliver the environment for successful experiences and engagement. Ikon is truly unique.

One Unified Platform

Ikon offers a unified platform that addresses integration needs including processes, application data and B2B integration. All users can interact with Ikon through their respective, integrated interfaces in a true multi-tenant environment. Keross offers personalized support and drives continuous delivery and integration.

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Workflow Modelling

Ikon orchestrates process and integration workflows across on-premises,hybrid and multi-cloud applications, data and partners. Ikon harvestsknowledge to augment the user experience with automation and guidance,including delivering recommendations for process logic, data mappings,exception handling and deployment models.

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Low Code

The orchestration of Ikon uses low code development. This puts managementinto the hands of all users to deliver capabilities with their own skills sets ifpreferred.

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Extend Legacy Systems

Ikon extends the life of legacy systems but also preserves years of investmentin business functions that would otherwise need to be reimplemented.

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Cloud or On-Prem

Ikon offers cloud-based monitoring and management of data, API andintegration operations (internal or external) to provide visibility intoorchestration execution and exceptions, and allows administrators to manageoperations from any internet-ready device including smartphones and tablets.

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Clean & Secure

Whether app to app, process to API, B2B, message oriented, event driven orrequest-response, Ikon has the comprehensive capability to manage andprovide access to clean, secure and integrated data in real time and in batchmode.

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Why Ikon

Technology and industry agnostic for all your integration needs; including people, processes, applications, data and external partner digital assets.

Fully flexible and scalable; crossing multi-cloud, hybrid, big data, ai/ml, datacenters and mobile execution environments, delivering a hightened experience and engagement with clients, partners and employees.

Designed and developed from ground up and with latest technology as its backbone.

Self-sustainable, without any need for a third-party support.

Curious what Keross can do for you?

Take a look at the industries we're already transforming:

Model-driven workflow design

Business processes are automated as digital, visual workflow models with access control across systems, applications and data.

Native integration capabilities

In addition to the unique development methodology, Ikon has built-in toolkits for synchronous and asynchronous integration with any third-party application or system, with the help of APIs (intrusive) or RPA (non-intrusive).

RPA/RDA methodology

Ikon implements intelligent automation by applying any of the well-known methodologies. Whether your business requires Selenium or Puppeteer based Web Scraping on any of the popular browsers, OpenCV based Screen Scraping of image files, Tesseract OCR Java Access Bridge for Java based desktop applications or AutoIT and Windows Access Bridge for Windows based desktop applications, Ikon can help.

Multi-database management

Depending on the application or nature of data, Ikon interacts with MySQL, MongoDB, Maria DB, Redis, Cassandra, Elastic Search or Influx.

Quick and agile development

Industry agnostic business requirements are quickly converted into business applications by the Ikon team using low code. Changes are managed with agility via fully-featured code editors supporting various languages such as Javascript, Scala, Python, R. All large-scale business scenarios can be modularly created and gradually linked.

Advanced computation and analytics

Ikon utilises out-of-the-box integrations with R and Python execution environments for exploratory as well as professional statistical and individual predictive analysis. Even big data analysis and application of machine learning algorithms is possible while using out-of-the-box integration with distributed computation engine Apache Spark, with and without Hadoop.

Use Cases

What people are saying

Esmond Chia

Business Intelligence Product Management

Amadeus tried to conduct this exercise with the leading global automation companies and failed. Keross was given this scope as a major global challenge, which was delivered in 6 weeks.

Green Group

Chief Information Security Officer

GG was unable to find a vendor that could support them with automating their workload, while providing customizable outputs based on highly demanding client requirements. Ikon delivered the complete scope in 3 months.

Amer Mneimneh

Vice President Middle East and Africa

The complete and very granular Resource Management tool was implemented using Ikon in less than 2 months. The industry was not able to achieve the development of such a solution using a variety of different vendors.

Gavin Britton

Digital Portfolio & Products Director

Competitors quoted 24 months for partial scope delivery. With Ikon, we delivered an end-to-end digital project & portfolio management solution in 8 months.

Ioannis Gkrimpizis

Associate Director & Head of Orchestrate

Partnering with Keross has been a game-changer. The Ikon Platform's flexibility and collaborative approach align perfectly with our vision. They understood our needs and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.

Edin Causevic

National Manager, Sales Operations

The results of the pilot phase in the US showed a savings potential of 2 percent discount budget a year, which is a massive number and hundred times the return on the investment.

Wolfgang Kaufmann

Managing Director

The results of the pilot phase in the US showed a savings potential of 2 percent discount budget a year, which is a massive number and hundred times the return on the investment.

Embrace the future of business management with the Ikon Orchestration Platform.

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