Automate and simplify your business processes with Ikon

Just like a conductor directs an orchestra with a single baton, Ikon allows you to manage your entire business, including tools, workflows, and data, within one user-friendly platform.

AI & Machine Learning

Automate and simplify your business processes with Ikon

Just like a conductor directs an orchestra with a single baton, Ikon allows you to manage your entire business, including tools, workflows, and data, within one user-friendly platform.

AI & Machine Learning
Ikon is a platform

For over a decade, Keross has been enabling companies to establish a digital business foundation for data orchestration.

Ikon, powered by AI, is our flagship digital orchestration platform. It empowers businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably by creating a single source of truth and enabling the monetization of various use cases.

Embrace the digital transformation, future-proof your business, and be one step ahead with Ikon.

Why Ikon?

The single source of truth

Ikon collects data from various sources such as legacy systems, email, social media, IoT, and internet content, providing you with the necessary insights for data-driven decisions, benchmarking, trend analysis, and prediction.

Easy incremental changes

Ikon's platform is built with no-code/low-code capabilities, making it simple to adjust use cases. Your qualified employees, technical team, or even you can easily make necessary adjustments.

Additional monetization

You can sell your customized use cases under your own brand name directly to consumers or businesses in your industry, creating new revenue streams. Keross provides support throughout the process.


Unlike many competitors who rely on third-party solutions, Ikon was developed in-house from the ground up. This ensures seamless integration and eliminates the complexities associated with integrating diverse solutions.


With Ikon, you only need to pay a license fee to access a comprehensive suite of technologies. This eliminates the need to manage multiple platforms with different pricing structures. Produce, implement, and monetize numerous use cases more efficiently.

Ubiquitous automation

By harnessing AI and machine learning, Ikon enables you to identify areas of opportunity and inefficiency, automate workflows, and more. Focus on strategic planning while algorithms handle routine tasks.

Unleash the power of your data and drive your business forward with Ikon.

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For tech giants, the idea of multiple divided platforms may be attractive as it multiplies the source of income.

Our approach is different. We develop a single solution that empowers businesses to operate more effectively, productively, and lucratively for the long haul, smoothly incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your platform as they emerge.

Curious what Keross can do for you?

Take a look at the industries we're already transforming:

Engineering & Consulting

Minimize errors, strive for excellence, choose suitable projects, and innovate to showcase your expertise and stay ahead of competitors.

Government & Municipality

Analyze structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, enabling strategic thinking and reducing time spent on routine operations.


Boost employee productivity, streamline communication between teams, and leverage built-in AI tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve on-site efficiency.


Cut the costs, ensure the highest quality of the product, and evaluate the efficiency with the smartest tools.

IT companies

Integrate data of all formats from all sources, optimize the workflow, and manage the projects. Make well-informed decisions.

Case Studies

Getting there in 6 easy steps:


Define your goals, identify steps, and agree on success indicators


We ensure that the rollout procedure goes smoothly: no need to pause your processes


Set up all the necessary aggregation, interpretation and visualization protocols


Introduce Ikon to your team. The tool can be easily adapted to any business process!


Automate and optimize


Exponentially and undeniably

Your digitization journey starts here.

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What people are saying

Marc Durrand

Digital Disruptor, Atkins

When we implemented their systems three years ago, we saw immediate results - something we had not seen with previous solutions offered from other titans in the industry.

Sultan Ahmed Al Habtoor

Chairman, Al Habtoor Motors

The consolidation of all existing hardware and software, with a centralized console, resulted in significant cost-savings and operational efficiency.

Janus Rostock

Vice President, Middle East & Africa, AECOM

Keross has helped us orchestrate and visualise our most complex data, enabling us to interrogate numbers and create multiple scenarios from a plethora of projects in real time.

Vincent Moret

President, Forrey and Galland

Our completely tailored strategy comprised of digitalizing our sales life cycle by building a fully customized CRM that connects the dots between manufacturing, operations and sales while integrating with our existing ERP system.

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Embrace the future of business management with the Ikon Orchestration Platform.

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