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Farouk Said

Founder & Director
Case Study
Intelligent Resource Management
In the process of growth, AECOM construction company (more than 86,000 employees) revealed cost overruns and a decrease in profit margins due to inefficient resource management, manual management of many processes and lack of coordination of various systems. Ikon by Keross automated resource management, integrated more than 25 different systems into a common platform, introduced new models for bids and project management.
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Case Study
 Bidding Challenges
More than 20,000 large projects of Atkins, a well-known British AEC company, worked with separated management processes, resource planning and solution testing. Low compatible systems and manual reporting were used. Ikon allowed Atkins to integrate in real time data from finance, ERP, management, HRMS, CRM, and many sources, creating a “single source oif truth”, dashboards, resource management, trend and discount analysis, and more.
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Case Study
Daimler CASE: Streamlining Sales Decisions
The Daimler's Mercedes-Benz division "CODE" needed urgently solutions to receiving data from dealers in different countries to creating unique regional pricing proposals. Icon removed manual data processing from about 35 employees, combined 27 external and internal systems, structured data flows, joined with internal sales algorithms and built a secure and scalable sales management support platform for less than 3 months.
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Case Study
Connected Travel
The Amadeus, a leading travel company, faced challenges with extracting data from various partners, like Ctrip. The data was limited, inconsistent and inaccurate. The implementation of the Ikon platform, built-in scalable solutions based on RPA/RDA, provided processing of a large number of transactions, obtaining reliable information, improving business operational strategies and customer service quality.
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Case Study
INOC Datacenter: Seamless Integration
The DC1 company, one of the leading German hosting and data center providers, faced the integration problem with more than 25 heterogeneous applications for customer services, equipment, troubleshooting and incidents. With the help of Ikon by Keross, a platform integrating different data streams was built in just a few weeks. Efficient processing and visualization right data for right teams and their requiremnts has increased overall efficiency.
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Case Study
Securing with Automation
At Green Group Global, a large security&defense company, the team manually collected data and reports from 12 tools. This leading to the brocken deadlines, errors and inaccuracies by the “human factor". In 3 months Keross has created a white-labeled Central Command Console, automated data collection, aggregated them for dynamic reports, data dashboards, future and predictive analysis. This solution also reallocated staff from reporting to delivering actionable intelligence.
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What people are saying

Edin Causevic

National Manager,
Sales Operations, Merсedes

The results of the pilot phase in the US showed a savings potential of 2 percent discount budget a year, which is a massive number and hundred times the return on the investment.

Ioannis Gkrimpizis

Associate Director
& Head of Orchestrate, Gleeds

Partnering with Keross has been a game-changer. The Ikon Platform's flexibility and collaborative approach align perfectly with our vision. They understood our needs and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.

Gavin Britton

Digital Portfolio
& Products Director, Atkins

Competitors quoted 24 months for partial scope delivery. With Ikon, we delivered an end-to-end digital project & portfolio management solution in 8 months.

Amer Mneimneh

Vice President Middle East and Africa, AECOM

The complete and very granular Resource Management tool was implemented using Ikon in less than 2 months. The industry was not able to achieve the development of such a solution using a variety of different vendors.

Wolfgang Kaufmann

Managing Director,
DataCenter One

It took 5 weeks from the first kick-off meeting to 100% go-live with IKON. There was no face-to-face workshop, no endless specification sessions. All demanding work was done by the Keross team in the background cost effectively.

Esmond Chia

Business Intelligence
Product Management, Amadeus

Amadeus tried to conduct this exercise with the leading global automation companies and failed. Keross was given this scope as a major global challenge, which was delivered in 6 weeks.

Chief Information
Security Officer

Green Group

GG was unable to find a vendor that could support them with automating their workload, while providing customizable outputs based on highly demanding client requirements. Ikon delivered the complete scope in 3 months.

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