Case Study

Datacenter One meets increasing demands of customer and improves both customer satisfaction and growth

Datacenter One is a technology and service provider that provides certified data centers, location and connectivity services in Germany. 


The Datacenter market is undergoing rapid development and facing increasing demands of customers. Customers are expecting higher quality of services, the use of ad-hoc (managed) services and access to more information. 

To meet the increasing demands of customers and to manage the complexity of it’s decentralized Data Centers, DC1 has established their Infrastructure and Network Operation Center (INOC), which has become the backbone of the organisation. The INOC is a 24x7x365 service that provides (first level) customer support and proactively communicates with customers regarding issues, maintenance and service levels. 


To manage the customers, their increasing demands for information and the technology complexity, they had to work with 27(!) different systems. These systems included ticketing software, infrastructure management solutions, CRM and facility & building management software, all managed by different teams. The impact of information in one system was not linked to the other systems and with no apparent logic, making it hard to investigate issues or even collaborate amongst teams. As a result it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage operational issues and customer inquiries in a timely and effective manner.

DC1 engaged with Keross’ Ikon platform to overcome these challenges and to create a consolidated view based on a single source of truth. The Ikon platform is used to integrate the 27 systems, the data is cleansed and aggregated for it to be processed and visualized to the right people via the right channels.  Additionally, routine activities such as checks and reporting have been automated to save time and provide more accurate and timely information. 


Working with centralized information has improved the communication with the customers and has helped to streamline the internal collaboration to cut down root causes analysis time. This has helped to improve the organizations maturity and enabled DC1 to offer and meet guaranteed SLA’s.

With the help of the Ikon platform, DC1 now requires less manpower to service the same customers with higher service levels and fewer financial penalties. The next step is to not only improve customer satisfaction but also leverage the platform to create new commercial opportunities by offering new products.

Wolfgang Kaufmann
Managing Director, DataCenter One
It took 5 weeks from the first kick-off meeting to 100% go-live with IKON. There was no face-to-face workshop, no endless specification sessions. All demanding work was done by the Keross team in the background cost effectively
Business Impact

With the help of the Ikon platform, DC1 now requires less manpower to service the same customers with higher service levels and fewer financial penalties.


systems integrated


less manpower

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Future Proof

Keross has developed an enterprise integration and development platform purpose-built for facilitating the enterprise's digitization journey.

The platform has the building blocks to sit in the middle of systems of records, coexisting with other technologies, connecting the dots, brokering data and offering a system of engagement to the users, thereby acting as single source of truth.

The platform seamlessly automates, implements and optimizes enterprise business processes with its unique workflow model-driven development technique.

Embrace the future of business management with the Ikon Orchestration Platform.

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