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How Amadeus secures business continuity and provide more value to their customers

Amadeus is one of the top travel technology companies in the world helping travel companies connect to the travel ecosystem. Amadeus builds critical solutions that help airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators and other travel players to run their operations and improve the travel experience.


One of Amadeus’ core offerings is its travel agent platform, which enables more than 1500 travel agents to search and book any type of travel content anywhere in the world.

The travel agent platform heavily depends on the right quality data, for which it uses sources like, expedia, trivago and ctrip. There was not only a huge dependency on these sources but the data provided was quite limited, inaccurate and inconsistent.  This impacted the service Amadeus delivered through the platform to its customers.


Amadeus needed a flexible solution to collect the required data that would go outside the available API’s. The solution needed to be able to process half a billion transactions per month while meeting the latency, accuracy and scalability requirements. The Ikon platform was  able was able to meet these requirements through its data collection/scraping, data consolidation and data visualization capabilities.

Additionally, Amadeus is using  the high quality data in combination with their analytics to provide new business insights for the travel agencies such as trending and benchmarking insights based on statistical and behavioural analytics

Esmond Chia
Business Intelligence Product Management, Amadeus
Amadeus tried to conduct this exercise with the leading global automation companies and failed. Keross was given this scope as a major global challenge, which was delivered in 6 weeks.
Business Impact

As a result, Amadeus is now able to work with accurate and consistent data which allows them to meet their service levels and secure the continuity of the business.


agents to search


billion transactions
per month

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Future Proof

Keross has developed an enterprise integration and development platform purpose-built for facilitating the enterprise's digitization journey.

The platform has the building blocks to sit in the middle of systems of records, coexisting with other technologies, connecting the dots, brokering data and offering a system of engagement to the users, thereby acting as single source of truth.

The platform seamlessly automates, implements and optimizes enterprise business processes with its unique workflow model-driven development technique.

Embrace the future of business management with the Ikon Orchestration Platform.

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