Why data orchestration is much more than just the new buzz phrase

Data orchestration is more than just a new buzz phrase. Learn how Keross uses its solution, the Ikon Platform by Keross, for business operations integration and illumination. Read about how Ikon platform automates routine tasks, predicts upcoming issues, and provides user analysis and reporting in easy-to-understand visual panels.

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April 9th 2020

The need to re-engineer business delivery to optimise the way we work has made digital transformation a necessity, not an option. It is not a matter of if and when – but how – to regain valuable time while increasing profit.

Up until now, the visionary leaders who have understood the importance of integrating reliable data to validate decisions have incrementally introduced various tools from vendors offering singular solutions for individual functions of the business. It is through the narrowed focus of these early disruptors we now know that addressing bit parts of an organization, as unique products come to market, is not delivering the gains they expected and often becomes a binding decision to commit to one provider.

We now understand that no matter how many steps a business takes, it will not reach its destination without great expense and waste if it does not unite and orchestrate its entire digital ecosystem.

Keross offers the solution, Ikon, to provide the environment for long-term success.  Ikon delivers a data management platform that sits across an entire internal and external ecosystem to integrate and illuminate the operations of a business from anywhere and on any device, over the Cloud or on premise.  Essentially, Ikon streamlines communication and collaboration by connecting all data, systems, people and processes. Keross’ mission, therefore, is to harness the power of data in its entirety.

The Keross platform is omnilingual, thereby complementing all existing software, old legacy systems and even bespoke applications developed to rectify the shortfalls left by current solutions. Keross starts the process by understanding desired business outcomes to document workflows: how a business like things done, by whom and in what time frame. Then Keross gets working to optimize every process in the business by automating routine tasks, predicting upcoming issues and providing custom analysis and reporting in easy-to-understand visual dashboards.

The result is trusted, real-time analytics and reporting using AI, Robotics, GIS, 4D modelling and more which can then be shared with all stakeholders at various levels of access and even grouped together on a project basis with supporting collaboration tools.

Besides pulling all “instruments” of an organization into the same room and enabling them to play together in the same key, IKON by Keross allows its composer to add or replace its musicians as and where required.  Perhaps a business is running with legacy software systems that no longer work, or it needs a new application to handle its specific industry requirements that are not completely resolved by “out of the box” solutions. IKON by Keross is agile and evolves as and when a business needs to while development and migration take half the time of existing systems thanks to its workflow orientation and move away from  traditional data tables.

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But perhaps the ultimate potential of partnering with Keross is the ability to on-sell digital tools developed on its platform to increase margins. By productizing services and expertise, our partners have the opportunity to white-label their applications and seamlessly transform themselves into a digital solutions provider with a recurrent revenue stream.  The additional usability and engagement with your stakeholders, created by digital tools to supplement your offering, offers maximum value creation for your customers leading to increased satisfaction, while extending your competitive edge through efficiency and collaboration.

But what does this all mean in principal? It means improved stakeholder experience and engagement, reduced risk, agile decision making and reduced operations inefficiency leading to a stronger top line and, thus, a distinct competitive advantage.

Although it is essential for every business to compose its own digital strategy, it must then perform that composition and bring it to life.  Even the most beautiful symphony will be ruined if the instruments all play at once, at different speeds or in different keys.  Being an  omni lingual platform, Ikon is able to conduct organizations at any stage of digital maturity: it can tune one trumpet, work with individual players to hone their proficiency and versatility or work with the entire wind section to have them play in perfect harmony, eventually producing a skilled and nimble orchestra that performs its symphony in concert.

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Why data orchestration is much more than just the new buzz phrase

Data orchestration is more than just a new buzz phrase. Learn how Keross uses its solution, the Ikon Platform by Keross, for business operations integration and illumination. Read about how Ikon platform automates routine tasks, predicts upcoming issues, and provides user analysis and reporting in easy-to-understand visual panels.

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