How Green Group automated and optimized security services

Green Group Global is a US Department of Defense andDepartment of Security licensed government contractor. It specializes in Private, Personalized & Corporate Security services with a focus on risk mitigation, litigation management and surveillance. It operates across 5 continents and employs 3,000 staff.


Command Center

Data aggregation

Data Automation


Green Group Global is security service provider for clients seeking professional and confidential physical security and intelligence driven services.

They  are a licensed Private Investigative Firm, with world-wide applied experience protecting high-profile clients, government owned assets, and enterprises.  Their intelligence department leans on the experience of their analyst, investigators, and intelligence gathering platforms to find, validate, and report real data.


Green Group Global struggled to meet Client’s requirements in delivering actionable information in a timely manner. It was operating 10 expensive intelligence tools manually, failing to gather enough information on a daily basis. GG further had to formulate daily, weekly and monthly reports to their Clients. A total of 9 people were required per Client, 7 manipulating the tools and 2 analysts formulating reports. The two main shortfalls were the lack of information gathered from the 10 tools due to manual use and static reports that had no actionable information.  Prior to establishing a strategic relationship with Keross, Green Group Global’s challenges were:

  • Non-scalable business model
  • Manual consolidation of data coming from 10 systems
  • Tools had technical limitations, eg. getting logged out of social media accounts, etc.
  • Not being able to meet contractual deadlines
  • Inaccuracy in reports due to manual aggregation
  • Static reporting
  • Expensive licensing cost of 3rd party tools
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Keross successfully delivered Ikon in the form of a white labelled Central Command Console that enabled Green Group Global to use it as a single platform for all internal and external requirements.  Ikon automated the use of all 10 tools, giving the user ability to run a variety of different commands per application, reducing manual work by 99% and increasing output value by more than 50%.

Ikon further enabled Green Group Global to provide its clients a digital workspace through which they can access real-time dashboards, scheduled or on-demand reports. This resulted in a drastic increase of customer satisfaction, onboarding of new projects as well as managing the cost of delivery.

The entire solution was successfully delivered remotely by Keross’ experts, without any face-to-face workshop to maintain low cost.Now, Green Group Global benefits from having an additional 9 staff per project allocated to providing actionable information to the Client rather than static reporting. It further achieved 35% increase in Client satisfaction.

  • Central Command Console, automating manual workload
  • Real-time dashboarding of critical information
  • Automated on-demand or scheduled daily,weekly and monthly reporting
  • Releasing manual workload of 9 people per project
  • Predictive analysis (eg. threat assessments, threat actors identified, expose plans on call to action, etc)

Business Impact

As a result, GG was able to release a large number of workforce conducting repetitive tasks. All were released from their repetitive workload and offered back to the Client facing business.

  • 99% of manual labor reduced
  • 50% increase in output value
  • 10 tools automated
GG was unable to find a vendor that could support them with automating their workload, while providing customizable outputs based on highly demanding client requirements. Ikon delivered the complete scope in 3 months.

Chief Information Security Officer. Green Group Global

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How Green Group automated and optimized security services

Green Group Global is a US Department of Defense andDepartment of Security licensed government contractor. It specializes in Private, Personalized & Corporate Security services with a focus on risk mitigation, litigation management and surveillance. It operates across 5 continents and employs 3,000 staff.

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