Introducing Ikon


Ikon is an orchestration platform providing a range of data management and visualisation modules that enable real-time action by all decision makers across the entire organisation.

  • Ikon unleashes current, accurate information
  • Ikon flags potential misalignment, missed targets or malpractice
  • Ikon uses its digital prowess to harnesses top performance

The Keross-developed technology means you can orchestrate with confidence using accurate business intelligence with 360-degree visibility.

Here’s What Makes Ikon So Awesome

  • Ikon is (the picture of) reality
  • It is a powerful independent technology framework, working in complement to all software
  • Its component parts integrate in a pragmatic, practical way to push and pull accurate information
  • It is agile, adaptable, uncomplicated and relevant
  • It constantly enables solutions eliminating the need to solve problems

Ikon Can Be Working For Your Business In Weeks

It can be yours, by user license agreement.

In a matter of weeks Ikon will be active, enabling real-time, accurate decision making. Ikon’s 360-degree technology constantly scans all business fundamentals across all departments, products and services meaning information output is swift, poignant and clear.

  • Product quality is benchmarked
  • Time efficiency is assessed
  • Margin is controlled
  • Late payments are alerted

Take Ikon. Rebrand it. Scope your requirements. Ikon reports, making the power of now, real.


Let’s Talk

It’s a no-brainer.

Give your business access to this powerful technology framework to reveal accurate information for sound preparedness and immediate action-taking.

  • Write a clear Scope focused on your business objective
  • We will swiftly provide a cost and timeline
  • Once approved, Ikon will be put to work within days
Ikon the App