By Chance, Are You Interested In Additional Income?

Keross is ready to talk ‘partnership’.

A Journey of

Dubbed ‘a magic paper that can calculate and recalculate…’, in 1979, its launch year, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston’s spreadsheet, VisiCalc, is acknowledged for more than 25% of Apple III’s sales.

Grow revenue

The Keross Partner Programme empowers domain specialists, consultancy firms and service providers to develop new revenue channels by offering Ikon’s orchestration platform to clients.

  • Enhance your portfolio
  • Extend your existing customer relationships
  • Expand market reach
  • Increase revenue and profit


  • Put the Ikon Orchestration Platform behind your service initiatives
  • Build new revenue opportunities by representing Ikon technology
  • Extend client relationships with powerful operational management and process automation capabilities
  • Enhance marketing and sales traction with Keross solution messaging and collateral


  • Keross has no direct business with partner clients
  • You will complete sales and technical training to augment partner autonomy
  • Keross will individualise and integrate the Ikon platform to complement your business drivers
  • Keross can offer marketing, messaging and PR support
Partner with Keross