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Here’s your chance to banish problem-speak from your business narrative.

Ikon courts business solutions and mitigates risk.

This is because Ikon is a robust, flexible digital orchestration platform using an array of lenses to present real time information.

A Journey of

Applauded by many for its simplicity and usability, including Bill Gates, Gary Kildall’s late 70’s launch of CP/M is still considered as the platform for today’s personal computing.


Ikon gives an assured 360-degree overview of the business in the shape of web-based dashboards and interactive forms, to more dynamic 3-D models, as well as GIS interfaces.

To do this with precision, Ikon constantly interrogates external systems with its probe connectors, all the while aggregating data from multiple sources using automated robotic processes.

The reality is improved, agile decision making, meaning reduced risk, increased efficiency and full transparency enabled by Ikon’s visibility across all business fundamentals – projects, systems, quality, cost and time.


Up-The-Ante On Transparency

At any given time, your auditors and managers will be tracking hundreds, even thousands, of business processes, objectives, functions, and deliverables.

  • Ikon enables live aggregation of data, computation and understanding of workflow by activating relevant communications and reporting on findings
  • Ikon reduces time and resource expenditures by automating audit tracking, workflows, scheduling and documentation
  • Ikon helps reduce the costs of operational assurance while improving information control, big time
  • Ikon improves information integrity, confidentiality and availability

Make Efficiency A Reality

Ikon enables enhanced efficiency by minimising redundancy and waste, leveraging resources by streamlining workforce, technology and business processes.

  • Ikon helps the delivery of sophisticated products and services in the most cost-effective manner, improving quality, support and margin
  • Ikon’s orchestration capabilities provide tools to help streamline core processes in order to dynamically respond to continually changing market forces

Conduct Your Orchestra

Ikon means you know your market position today, to better sense tomorrow, by accurate performance knowledge – from asset allocation to service distribution, staff accountability, software licensing and vendor value.

  • Ikon is designed to support end-to-end operational management and natively adjust as the business evolves
  • Ikon’s orchestration capability helps manage the business from the core – people, systems and processes by activating built-in Infrastructure Management, Business Process Management, Analytics and Robot Process Automation

Satisfy Compliance Demands

By opening the information flow up to the business, Ikon enables operational assurance which in turn means reducing uncertainty among all stakeholders.

  • Ikon’s orchestration capabilities provide risk management, audit process management and sophisticated reporting capabilities
  • From privacy laws to contracts, technology licenses, regulatory obligations and service level agreements, Ikon provides the tools, tracking and analysis to ensure legal obligations are met

Allow Automation, Eliminate Frustration

Oracle showered praise on Ikon’s ability to make best use of the ‘human intelligence factor’ by taking control of high-volume repetitive tasks.

The corporate world is remodelling to ride the benefits of automation in increasing productivity, efficiency, reliability and confidence.

Ikon is at the forefront of innovation-led disruption, while remaining human – the route to winning the game.