Unpacking Ikon;
here’s how it works

Ikon by Keross is sector neutral.

This means the open framework technology fits into any business environment. Ikon does this by using the universally adaptable Keross-built system.

A Journey of

‘A computer deserves being called intelligent if it can deceive a human into believing it is human…’ according to the father of AI, Alan Turing circa. 1940.

Ikon results


Here’s what Ikon by Keross does for clients, day in, day out.

Ikon gives a company-wide view.

This can take the form of standard dashboard reporting complete with notifications and queries, through to more interactive 3-D models, as well as GIS interfaces for fleet management.

It is a robust, flexible digital solution that gives this essential insight via web-based dashboards and interactive forms.

Ikon’s 100% success rate proves its ability to enable real-time management across the complete business environment – functional, operational and technical.


  • Ikon increases business efficiency
  • Ikon enables real-time sight of all risk performance indicators
  • Ikon enables cost reduction and improved margin
  • Ikon self-monetises the investment

This is because Ikon by Keross is proven to give a seamless 360-degree view of all business processes. Indeed, Ikon presents live information through an array of lenses.

It is able to interrogate external systems with its probe connectors to aggregate data from multiple sources using automated robotic processes.

This means you get to manage instantaneously across the whole business – its function, the operations and the technology.

360-degree view

Tweaking Ikon to ensure it matches your Scope

Let’s say it again.

Ikon by Keross delivers accurate insights for better business decisions.

We have built Ikon as ‘compartments’, meaning dexterity and integration is second nature to its framework.

So, if your team need specific insights to ensure a much smarter output, then let’s make it happen.

  • Share your business intention and a clear Scope
  • Tell us what you need to better manage and motivate your people, systems and processes, as well as your clients

The Keross team and Domain Experts are all nimble architects across the Ikon Open Framework. We will get Ikon to work for your business in no time.

Ikon Implementation

Ikon is a Decision Support Platform

Use Ikon to activate automatic audits and reduce time, cost and resources, as well as mitigate risk and exposure.

See Performance Surge
  • By realigning the workload of your team to automate and troubleshoot all routine activities
  • By establishing and monitor companywide KPI scorecards
Get Accurate Analytics
  • By aggregating, correlating and visualising all forms of data simultaneously from different sources, including raw data files
  • By automating reports and dashboards
  • By performing statistical and predictive analysis to gauge precise results
Understand Business Performance Reports
  • By governing dashboards and monitoring custom-built metrics to process risk or reveal bottlenecks, before anything negative occurs
  • By optimising processes through Ikon’s powerful workflow, documentation and communication management platform
Rest Assured With Robotic Support
  • By increasing the potential for automation and development lifecycle of processes configuration
  • By defining best-practice to streamline processes
  • By calculating the increased quality of outputs while monitoring the steady decrease of downtime or reworking due to human error