A Journey of

Google says it is ‘nearly there’, and if they can be built, Quantum Computers will harness properties that extend beyond the limits of classical physics to offer exponential gains in computing power.

Keross overview

To Provide The Moment-By-Moment Information Needed To Run A Profitable Business

It was over a decade ago that we made a commitment to delivering comprehensive insights and analysis to empower organisations in accurate decision-making, in real time.

We conceived, built, nurtured and delivered a universally adaptable technology platform. The result is Ikon – sector-neutral, system friendly, comfortable in all business environments.

And it’s true, over the years Ikon is proven to seamlessly enable the complete management of functional, operational and technical processes, so that you can be in the know in the now.

The Executive Team

Farouk Said

Farouk Said
Founder and CEO

Farouk earned an HND in Data Communications and Networks from Paris XII University. Next stop was the UK’s Preston University to read Computer Science.

Armed with a BSc and supported by work experience both sides of the English Channel, Farouk was snapped up by Goldman Sachs. As Chief Technical Officer, he is acknowledged for igniting IT prowess system-wide supporting more than 3,000 team members, as well as saving millions of dollars by centralising IT for the five-office network across Europe.

Known for his commitment to delivery, it was ten years before Farouk joined Abu Dhabi-based The National Investor, where he ensured a solid IT foundation was in place before unleashing his own entrepreneurial ambitions.

Farouk launched Keross in the UAE in 2007 to provide future-sensing, result-driven consultancy and technology services across all markets and all sectors.

Today Keross is 65+ strong. The team’s multi-disciplinary innovative IT skills built and now drive Ikon by Keross – the Oracle-acclaimed robust and agile technology framework that engages a variety of lenses to present real time information.

Zlatko Delic

Zlatko Delic
Managing Partner

Zlatko is a ‘natural’ strategic thinker deploying his consultancy skills across an array of sectors including Logistics & Aviation, to Oil & Gas, as well as Information Technology & Digital Transformation.

He joined the Keross team in 2014. Time and again, Zlatko’s engaging, precise communication style demonstrates to clients how Ikon by Keross delivers accurate, real-time information across all sectors.

He is regularly appreciated for his canny ability to identify and explain easy-to-convert, new revenue streams, as well as cost efficiencies.

Zlatko’s practise of ‘looking beneath the surface’ could lie in the fact that he holds an BA in Architecture.

He says the thought-process is the same for buildings or IT frameworks, mooting success lies in not boxing design in a box.

Indeed, Zlatko can integrate his left and right brain, ensuring facts and precision align perfectly with future sensing and creative thinking. Committed to delivering constant results to clients, he keeps an eye on the opportunities of tomorrow, with a sharp focus on the power of now.